Qujing Prefecture 曲靖市

The Qujing region, source of the Pearl River, boasts Luoping’s spectacular karst scenery and Huize, one of Yunnan’s most interesting historic cities.

Luliang County

Luliang lies in the largest plain of the Guizhou-Yunnan Plateau – and it is indeed a rare sight in this ‘province without horizon’ not to be able to see any mountains. Luliang’s prime tourist attraction is the Coloured Sand Forest: a mini-Arizona embellished with large man-made sandcastles.


Xuanwei County

Almost more Guizhou than Yunnan, Xuanwei is famous for it's ham, but most of the money comes from mining.


Luoping County

Beautiful karst peaks in a sea of golden rapeseed, the meandering Duoyi River and the great Jiulong waterfalls: the tourist brochures of Luoping do not promise to much.


Fuyuan County

Stretched out along the border with Guizhou, Fuyuan is a gateway to eastern China.