Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture 红河哈尼族彝族自治州

Honghe, on both banks of the Red River that has given the region its name, has with Jianshui and Shiping two important Han cultural towns and south of the river the ethnically diverse Ailao Mountains and the Rice Terraces of Yuanyang, now a World Heritage site.

From Niujiaozhai to Yuanyang

Yuanyang county, south of the Red River in the province's southeast, is famous for its Hani rice-terraces. With its splendid vistas and ethnic mix it is also a great area for hiking. Here we describe a moderate day-hike starting at the market-town of Niujiaozhai, passing through Yi and Hani villages and ending with stunning sunset vistas over the rice-terraces of Longshuba.


Mengzi City

Mengzi is now the capital of Honghe Prefecture and a rapidly growing city.


Yuanyang County

The Rice Terraces and plenty of minorities in one of Yunnan's most interesting counties.


Luxi County

The Alu Caves and the nearby village of Chengzi are the main attractions.


Mile County

Mile is Yunnan's Marlboro County: a major tobacco growing and processing region with the giant Honghe cigarette factory on the outskirts of town.