Puer Prefecture 普洱市

Puer, now named after the tea that once received its name from a small trading town, is the most diverse of all Yunnan's regions: bordering Vietnam, Laos and Burma, Puer comprises what was once the southern border of imperial China.

Watersplashing in Yongping

Ask for the Watersplashing Festival, or Poshuijie 泼水节, and everyone will tell you to go to Jinghong, capital of Yunnan's Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Region: the 'biggest and best' Dai celebrations to mark their New Year are taking place there. And big it is. Thousands of Han Chinese and foreign tourist flock to Jinghong every year. Jinghong's Poshuijie certainly is big -- and very commercial. If big crowds and big events are your thing, go to Jinghong.