Yuxi Prefecture 玉溪市

The large plain of Yuxi belongs to Yunnan’s Han Chinese heartland, but the Red River Valley and the Ailao Mountains in the south are home to the Huayao Dai and some interesting Yi and Hani groups. Large and modern Yuxi, now not much more than one hour from Kunming, is the centre of Yunnan’s tobacco industry.

Tonghai County

Center of Han culture and home to Yunnan's Mongolians.


Chengjiang County

On the northern end of Fuxian Lake, Chengjiang is mostly a week-end destination away from Kunming. However, one should not miss the annual parade day in Yangzong, held at the end of the new year festivities.


Yuxi City

One of Yunnan's largest cities, a mere 90km south of Kunming, is of little interest.


Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County

Xinping county is an ethnically and culturally divided county, with most of the 90,000 Han living in the large plain around Xinping town in the east, while the Huayao Dai live in the Red River valley and the county's Yi in the mountains to the south.


Jiangchuan County

Spectacular copper works finds have confirmed the Jiangchuan region as the cradle of Yunnan's early civilization, the Dian kingdom.


Yimen County

Once a copper mining center, today Yimen makes its money with tobacco and mushrooms.